10 Strategies for Effective and Productive Work-Life Integration

Today, the most productive women entrepreneurs are not striving for work-life balance.  Instead, this generation of entrepreneurs have shifted their focus from balance to a new environment; work-life integration. Work-life integration allows the professional and personal life of these entrepreneurs to integrate allowing for more flexibility to shift priorities on an as need basis. It removes the stress of trying to equalize the time spent on their personal life versus the time spent at work.

Here are 10 strategies that, done in tandem, can help women entrepreneurs maintain an effective and productive work-life integration.

  1. Block off private time in your calendar and protect it unless it is an emergency. Value the time that you schedule or set aside for yourself just as highly as you value the time you put aside for your business and clients.
  2. Organize your workspace to avoid losing critical work time searching for things. Take back the minutes or hours and do something fun with them.
  3. Integrate spirituality into your day-to-day living. Find at least 20 minutes in your day to dedicate to prayer, mediation, spiritual reflection, faith reading or connecting with nature.
  4. Set aside time today for an activity that you enjoy, such as walking, running, hiking, dancing or taking a class.
  5. Build into your schedule time for the really important stuff – Sunday night with family, a date night, that course you want to take.
  6. Reduce your stress level by accepting help from family, friends, neighbors, etc.
  7. Identify your strengths and use them to guide your work as well as help you sort through problems and address stressful situations.
  8. Accept “good enough” instead of demanding perfection from yourself.
  9. Take an action that will reduce your workload. Outsource or delegate tasks.
  10. Focus on efficiency by working on important tasks at the times you are the most proficient, focused and productive.

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