Social Media Ladders – Going Beyond the “Like”

If you belong to a networking group on Facebook, then you’ve probably been invited to join a social media “like” or “follow” ladder.  A social media ladder is a post added by the page administrator that allows you to share one or more of your social media page links. Once you add your page link, you like or follow everyone’s page that posted before you.

Done properly, you can gain followers on your pages to bring in new business or obtain much needed exposure for your business.

Here are some tips to help you go beyond the “Like”:

  1. Don’t just add your link and hit enter. Use this as an opportunity to briefly introduce yourself, business, services or products.  Let your followers or potential customers know who you are and what services your business provides.
  2. Follow the rules! Never add yourself or business and then walk away. You must go up the ladder and like or follow others.  That’s a reputation that you don’t need or want.
  3. Take the time to interact with the people that comment on your post. By interacting with them, you might gain a customer or a strategic business partner.  Keep the contact personal rather than flood them with facts, figures or hard selling.
  4. If someone shows interest in you or your services, take the conversation offline. Meet them for coffee if local or arrange a call.
  5. The number of likes or follows on your pages should never be the goal. Your goal should be engaging your followers.  You want people to understand how your products or services will benefit them. If they cannot benefit directly but leave with the feeling that you have a great service or product, they are more likely to share your information, pages, etc. with their customer base.
  6. Make sure you post regularly to your pages and post only pertinent information about you, your business, products and services. It’s a turn-off to potential customers and business partners when they click a link only to see that the business has not posted in months or the posts don’t properly reflect the purpose of the business or the services the business provides.

    The premise is simple; like to be liked. But, let’s be honest, liking some of the pages doesn’t make a lot of business sense.  Nonetheless, to reap the benefits, you have to play the game. Over time, you may find yourself un-liking or unfollowing a page and that’s ok.  Like any other business strategy, if it is not benefiting you, your brand or your business, you need to let it go.


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