5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Trying To Grow Your Business

For female entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs, finding time for social media marketing can be a struggle.  Gone are the days that only MySpace, Facebook and Twitter ruled the social world.  Nowadays there seems to be a new social media platform being launched every week. Trying to maintain your social media presence on your own can be daunting and when not done right, can be draining on your time and finances.

Here are 5 social media mistakes to avoid if you are trying to grow your business: 

  1. Managing Too Many Social Media Platforms

New media platforms are popping up all over the place.  RESIST the temptation to join every single one.  If you are running your business on your own, you will never keep up. Before you know it, your business life is overflowing into your personal life.  RESIST!  Start with one or two platforms.  I highly recommend that Facebook be one of them, but pick one or two that you are most comfortable with.  By focusing on only one or two, at least initially, you can gauge what works and what doesn’t fairly easily.  Once you have used these platforms for a while and if time allows, branch out to another one. Or if you feel that one is not working for you, swap it out for a new one. But again, keep it to a minimum so you can spend your time on other areas of your business.

  1. Not Responding to Comments or Posts

This one never ceases to amaze me.  Every comment, every like, should be viewed as a warm business lead and should be responded to in a timely manner.  This is not to say that you should automatically try to sell them something.  It’s more of an opportunity to get to know them, find out what their pain points are and then if or when the time is right, explain how your services can solve their problem. Consistently ignoring comments or just simply liking a comment with no further follow-up can leave a negative impression on a potential client.  Unfortunately, losing a potential client can happen, just don’t let it be due to lack of follow-up. Always remember, if someone reacts to your post, they have opened the door for communication. Why waste your time chasing potential clients if you have one standing right in front of you?

  1. Sharing the Same Message on Every Social Media Platform

This is ok in a pinch, but never as an everyday norm. If I went to your social media sites and saw the same picture, message, and article on each, I would more than likely unfollow you on some, if not all, of your platforms.  It would drive me crazy to see the same message fill up my personal social media feeds. Instead, decide what you want each platform to represent.  One can be used for tips, one can be used for specials or freebies, one for branding and so on.  Use this method to entice people to like all of your platforms or at least provide them with the opportunity to decide which one is best for them.  This will lead to more engagement on your platforms.  If I need tips, I’ll know exactly where to go.  At the end of the day, you don’t want to lose potential clients because they have become bored or irritated by your posts.  It takes time to build your lists so don’t make this common mistake.

  1. Not Understanding the Metrics Behind Your Social Media Campaigns

This one can be a time sucker if you are not monitoring or understanding the analytics of your social media campaigns. It is imperative that you understand what is being liked, commented on and shared and at what time or day, so that you can post more of the same.  Too much time, effort and if you are paying for ads, money, is wasted when you are just posting for the sake of posting.  Once you understand the metrics of your social media campaign, you can post less but have a bigger return on investment (ROI).

  1. Not Giving When Receiving

When someone shares your post, return the favor. When people see that you do this, they will want to jump in on the action and start reposting your information to their sites.  Just be sure that you are reposting or retweeting information that relates to your target audience.  It would seem odd and confusing if you sold watches but started retweeting or reposting articles about puppies.

Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be an automatic repost.  Copy the link and schedule it to come out later in the day or week but always ensure that proper credit is given.  Retweeting or reposting can save you valuable time now that you don’t have to create an original post of your own. Do this in moderation though.  I personally don’t like my Twitter feed full of retweets so I tend to unfollow accounts that consistently do this.


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