You Are Still A Rock Star Even If You Don’t Have ONE SINGLE CLIENT Yet!

Hi Entrepreneurs!  Hope you are enjoying sweet success in your business!  For those of you that are still struggling – It’s pep talk time!

I want to be clear about something right off the bat.  You are still a rock star even if you don’t have any clients yet.  Yes, that’s right – You are still successful!  So, don’t give up! Keep plugging away!

Let’s take a second to understand what success is. It’s not just getting clients and making money.  Don’t get me wrong, we created our businesses to make money, that’s a given.  But that will come as long as you consistently put the effort into promoting your business.

Just remember, success comes in many forms.  Here are a few ways to gauge your success besides just making money:

  1. If potential clients asks for samples of your product or services. Guess what! You caught their interest.
  2. If someone retweets you on Twitter. They see value in your product or services and want to share it with their fan base.
  3. If you get likes or comments on Facebook or Instagram. People are making an effort to connect with your business.

You are getting noticed and that right there is success and a reason to celebrate!

Paying clients will come if you consistently put the effort into marketing your business.  If for some reason you are not getting noticed, then it may be time to revisit your marketing strategy.

You’ve got this!  Keep the faith! You are all ROCK STARS!



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