3 Things You Need to Do to Get Your Boss to Allow You to Work from Home

The wish to work outside the office, most often working from home or a place close to home including coffee shops, libraries, etc., is increasing. According to the 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor report, 22 percent of employed people did some or all of their work at home.

Unfortunately, many companies still do not promote themselves as telecommuting companies.  So how do you get companies that are not traditionally telecommuting companies to allow you to work from home? It starts with having a great relationship with your boss.

Here are three simple ways to convince your boss that you can successfully work from home:

  • Do Quality Work. This is not about perfection; it’s about providing a consistently high standard of work. Strive for error free work so that your boss will learn to rely on your work to such an extent that they no longer have to check it. Be helpful to other employees in the company so they will put in a good word for you. Having your boss hear from other employees in the company about how helpful you are or what great work you do for them will boost your status in your boss’ eyes. Don’t allow the time clock to beat you. Make or exceed deadlines to show your boss how efficient you are. Prove that you can get quality work out on time without your boss looking over your shoulder.
  • Be Reliable. Show your boss your commitment to being there when needed. Having a dedicated employee, who comes in on time every day, is willing to stay late on occasion, and who keeps personal days to a minimum says a lot to a boss. This gives your boss reassurance that you are reliable.
  • Build a Solid Relationship with Your Boss. This does not mean that you need to share your personal business with your boss. It is about having open dialogue and talking to your boss about professional goals like education and your long-term career goals. Try to find a connection to your boss by bonding over shared work experiences. Don’t just say hello to your boss when they come into the office, draw them into a conversation so they can get to know you. This helps to build trust and because they trust you, they will go to bat for you. Trust also opens the door to have the talk about work from home opportunities and telecommuting opportunities.

So, now you’ve shown your boss that you do quality work, you are dependable and you have built a great relationship with them. The next step is to conquer human resources. Many companies don’t have flexible work schedule policies in place; rather they take these requests for telecommuting opportunities on a case-by-case basis. If you can get the support of your boss to work from home on a part-time or full-time basis, ask them to reach out to human resources to find out how to make this happen for you. Your boss has now become your best ally.


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