Why is Online Training So Popular?

Online training allows you to access training from anywhere in the world, at any time, allowing for more work-life balance.  Here are five of the top reasons online training is so popular:

Remain Competitive.   Online training provides you a convenient solution to continuing your education.  Continuing education can increase your marketability in the job market.   Employees who continue on to obtain graduate degrees, certificates or other specialized training skills improve their chances of promotion and may be eligible for higher wages.  Many jobs often require you to have specialized training or a degree in order to qualify for the position.  In addition to providing programs and courses of high quality, online training also provides you the ability to learn from instructors and connect with students from all around the world, broadening your point of view.

Schedule Flexibility.  Online training offers a great deal of flexibility for employees as well as stay at home parents.  If you are an employee or stay at home parent taking traditional in-person courses at a college or training center, then chances are you are faced with the challenge of trying to schedule your courses around your instructor, work commitments and home schedules.   Online learning is more convenient, and in many cases; you can take a course or access course materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Convenience.  Online training is free of the many restrictions that traditional in-person courses possess including geographical location, inflexible course schedules and work-life balance.  Online courses allow you to attend class anytime, at any school, college or university anywhere in the world provided you have web access.  Homework assignments and other course material are delivered to you electronically and all completed assignments are returned the same way.  In addition, if you have questions, you can contact instructors immediately through chat, discussion thread, or email, without having to wait for office hours.

Variety of programs and courses.   Online training offers you a variety of ways to continue your education. Online training is available from training centers, colleges and universities from all over the world.   You can further your career by earning an academic degree, certificate or take non-credit courses to learn a new skill. Just like traditional schools, you can earn your degree or certificate in science, technology, marketing, legal, etc.

Cost Effective.  The cost of an online course can be just as expensive as a traditional college course, but taking online courses can save you money in other ways.  Cost savings include room and board, food plans, travel costs and sometimes the cost of textbooks.  Many online courses allow for e-books rather than hard cover books which can be cheaper and in some cases free.  If you have children, you can also save on the cost of childcare costs since you can study at home, work or wherever convenient for you and your family.


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