GIVE THIS A TRY TODAY: Block Off Some “Me” Time

GIVE THIS A TRY TODAY: Block off private time in your calendar and protect it unless it is an emergency.

When was the last time you had some “me” time? If it takes more than 5 seconds to remember or if you have to pull your date book out to double check, then it’s been way too long.  You should be having “me” time as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be a full day; it could be as simple as 15 minutes a day.


I know that sounds easy and I admit it is a challenge and it does take effort on some days, which is why I block off private time in my calendar.  Every week, I look at my day planner, or digital calendar, and block off 30 minutes or more, at least 2 or 3 times a week, on my calendar. I use that time to step away from work or step away from my home life. Once I block off the time, I protect it.  I respect that time for me just as much as I respect that time for my family or for a client.

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A little solitude can make a world of difference for your mind, body and spirit.  Starting today, block off space in your calendar and spend some time by yourself. Relax and relieve stress by walking, going to the spa, listening to music, reading a book, working out at the gym; anything that allows you to decompress.  Self-care is so important, so go devote some quality time to YOU.

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