When “Let’s Meet For Coffee” Means Much More Than a Cup of Coffee


A couple of years ago, I got an invite to meet for coffee.  It was from a woman that I met when we served together on a nonprofit board of directors. Other than discussing board business, we never really spoke to each other.  We follow each other on Instagram and I have found her posts to be engaging and I had been curious as to her purpose as well as the purpose of her business.  So when she sent me a message asking me to meet with her to see how we could help each other out, I jumped on it.

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We met at a local coffee shop, but oddly, neither of us actually ordered coffee, instead we just kind of jumped right into conversation.  After our cordial hellos, I think my first question was “What do you do?” I knew that she was involved in planning events in some manner, but what she does is so much more. She handles all of the logistics behind the event in order to make the event a success. I spoke to her about my passion for writing and how I like to write articles that help women in the business world either as entrepreneurs and/or women leaders.

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On the surface it wasn’t really clear how we would mesh or what route we could take to work together.  And then one of us brought up mentoring and all of a sudden, there was the connection.  We both love helping women be successful. We realized that both of us are mentors, coaches, cheerleaders and champions of causes.  Success is what we strive for, for ourselves and what we hope to inspire in others to achieve.

We talked and laughed for almost two hours.  I learned a lot about her and she actually taught me a lot about myself because she was able to look beyond my words and see my heart, my passions and my dreams and then she offered to help me pursue whatever I wanted to do next, in whatever manner I needed.  And I promised her the same.

It was one of the best invites I have ever received.

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