How Do You Discover Your Purpose?

We all have a purpose but many of us do not know what it is.

We all have a purpose but many of us do not know what our purpose is. Our purpose in life is the very meaning of our existence and without knowing what it is, we can fall victim to the belief that our lives do not matter or have value.  Believing that can cause us to miss out on seeing how our lives are connected to others and the impact that we can have on them.

So, how do you figure out what your purpose is?  It starts with discovering what breaks your heart.  The pain that comes with a broken heart, fuels your passion which leads to action.  So, again, what breaks your heart? Is it injustice, homelessness, children in need, climate change, domestic abuse, or cancer? It could be one of them, several of them or something entirely different, but no matter what it is, your purpose is tied to it.

And, once you know what it is, you are one step closer to your life’s passion and purpose.

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