Act more on faith, not fear.

Act more on faith, not fear. Have faith that it will work out.  


Opening My Heart and Mind

An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it. ~ M. Twain I believe that one’s morals and beliefs are shaped by how they are raised.  When something seems contrary to those beliefs, we dismiss it out of hand or find ways to find fault with it.  I am guilty… Continue reading Opening My Heart and Mind

Can Taking a Break Actually Increase Your Productivity?

oes this sound familiar? You work long hours but never seem to complete anything. You feel like a failure because you are not meeting expectations at home or work or both. To compensate, you work harder and sleep less and you are now stressed out and exhausted. Then when you share how stressed you are… Continue reading Can Taking a Break Actually Increase Your Productivity?

The Future is Bright

The most liberating and empowering day of my life was the day I freed myself from my own self-destructive nonsense. ~Dr. Steve Maraboli One cannot move forward without letting go of their past.   I have made several mistakes, have had my heart-broken more than once and at times, I have let that hold me back. … Continue reading The Future is Bright